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Free app discovery workshop

Driven to learn

Why modular apps make sense

Building an app: DIY or outsource? Pros and cons.

What's the point of a design discovery workshop?

What app do we want? Where to start?

Free CPD workshop: are you in?

Is technology making CPD more accessible and enjoyable

How digital transformation is changing the game for today's CEOs.

Key insights: digital transformation in the publishing industry

The emergence of a new media landscape - that will impact how your audience want to interact.

Cultural heritage institutions are moving their content online

Transform your membership organisation into the digital age

Google is moving mobile first, are you?

Mastering the art of analytics

Video steals the show

Digital breakthrough with Media Experience Apps

Digital data - "the fourth industrial revolution"

Optimising your investment in technology

Apps and Analytics

In the digital world, mobile devices are the key to growth. 

A mobile-first approach to publishing your content.

Problems facing membership organisations in the digital age

15x reasons why print publishing never works out the way that you want

Why harnessing mobile is the next big opportunity for business

Facebook revenue boosts thanks to mobile advertising

Crossing the bridge to online publishing

How to use content to attract, recruit and retain members

The Financial Times uses online communities and comments to boost audience engagement

A study of reader engagement

China sets the digital trend

The FT - an example of quality journalism

Strategic lessons for publishers from Reuters Institute of the Study of Journalism

Publishers see hike in their subscriptions

Google wins over the love of publishers

Publishers revamp their CMS to improve 'mobile-first' approach

How predictable is the media industry?

Making your digital subscription strategy a success

Alternate revenue models discussed at Digital Media Strategies '17

Publishers and social media - a match made for digital revenue

Chemistry World’s journey from membership to ’subscribership’

Media Reinvented: How Time Inc, The RSC and Influencers are changing the media landscape

"Growing through self-disruption"

Picking the brain of Quartz - mobile content leader

Apple's App Store search ads increase brand awareness

Content sharing - the compromise of publishers

"Journalism that stands apart": New York Times releases report on revamping its content for digital

Axios shares how they will be approaching content: concise and relevant

A reflection on how iPhone dominated over negative expectations

Top tech and media predictions for 2017

Unmissable Digital Publishing events this Autumn

Apple refreshes subscription program in app store overhaul

Review: The Metro app

What Android Instant Apps could mean for publishers

Page Lizard Summer Party: Building Communities

Editorial skills are relevant to the marketplace

Why publishers have to think like membership organisations

Unmissable Digital Publishing Events this Summer

CILIP enhances membership offering with new personalised app

Guest blog: The Four Horsemen of the Digital Apocalypse

What are chatbots (and why should I care)?

Set your content free to engage and win more members

Three things membership organisations should know about digital publishing

What are the top challenges facing membership organisations?

Apple to only support page-turning magazine apps

Do single story payments spell trouble for publishers?

10 Lessons from Digital Media Strategies 2016

Our pick of the best at Digital Media Strategies 2016

Guest post: Presenting to Millennials about Digital Publishing

Unmissable Digital Publishing Events this Spring

Confessions of an ad blocker

Top publishers’ predictions for 2025

Publishers face the challenges of the next decade

A responsive makeover for Installer magazine

2025: Visions for the Future of Publishing

Digital Publishing Predictions for 2016

Digital Publishing Predictions for 2015 - how accurate were they?

4 things you need to know about Digital Publishing

Spotlight casting directories go digital with Page Lizard

The APPrentice challenge at the Digital Awards

Next Level Engagement - Targeted Content

What are the three most critical challenges facing magazines & digital publishing?

Tech Talk: Apple News, Facebook IA and Google AMP

Top 22 tweets from the Digital Magazine Summit & Awards

Review: Digital Magazine Awards & Summit

Facebook to launch direct challenger to Apple News with stand-alone 'Notify' app

Apple News finally launches in the UK

Page Lizard at Harnessing the Web 2015

Page Lizard's Pumpkin Challenge

CILEx Journal launches digital edition with Page Lizard

TES app shortlisted for Innovation Award at DMAs 2015

Digital Innovation Meetup 2015

Digital publishing solutions for membership organisations

TES merge best of both worlds with new personalised app launch

Tech Talk: Apple News follow-up

Google partners with Twitter for "Instant Article" challenger

Apple Event proves disappointing for publishers

'This is the golden age of publishing' - an evening with Bo Sacks

The Digital Publishing Dictionary

4 podcasts everyone in digital publishing should listen to

P for Publishing: could Google's Alphabet signal industry changes?

TIME misses the mark with awkward VR cover

YouTube joins the vertical video crowd

Webinar: Article-Based Publishing

Creating articles for Apple News and other channels

Review: The British Journal of Photography digital edition

It's finally over for page-turners

TES' article-based app

What we do, browser version

The Pharmaceutical Journal's app

Floating video - does Facebook have its head in the clouds?

Publishing to social and media channels: the solution

The PPA browser edition

IOM3's Materials World app

Edge magazine on desktop

Page Lizard at the PPA Awards

PPA Tech Talk: Apple News

Selling books on Twitter? Nothing Random about that...

Innovative approaches to digital

Preview: Apple News Tech Talk at the PPA

Memcom 2015: An engaging discussion

Meet the millennials

Digital Megatrends at the PPA Festival

Vervid – a new portrait of the video landscape

Sneak preview: Digital Megatrends at the PPA Festival

The reverse digital effect / The value of digital content

Adobe Publish will shine this summer

Who is winning the social election?

Is TLDR the future of content consumption?

Digital publishing: The Lena Dunham effect

6 countries that don't allow social media

Hillary Clinton's Social Media Slam Dunk

The Times' edition-based publishing plans cause confusion

The Adult Colouring Book: embracing childhood and creativity

Will Facebook consume digital publishing?

9 reasons I won't be buying the Apple Watch

Making the move to wearable tech

Video covers - a prototype for the future?

Interactive or inclusive publishing?

Niche names and memorable domains

Why we should be hurrying the demise of the replica edition

Social Publishing: How to integrate digital publishing and social media

PPA New Talent Awards 2015

Marketing with motion

Twitter announce analytics for individual tweets

Chips as the next Big Thing? Dream on!

Publishing and Media Expo 2015

Review: The Long + Short

Times Educational Supplement is UK's fastest growing digital edition

Google boss warns all photos and emails could be lost forever

Will holographic technology change the face of publishing?

Did Whatsapp just take a huge step backwards?

Oyster: A New Approach to Browsing

8 ways to measure the impact of social media on your business

Digital Publishing predictions for 2015

NOOK vs CreateSpace - Print on demand for indie publishers

Mobile: The new shop window?

Re-imagining the book cover for digital publishing

Social Media: How to sell without selling

Review: Harrods Magazine

Independent Publisher Conference & Awards 2014

8 Unmissable Digital Publishing Events this Winter

Mobile trends and the business professional

Facebook: 3 things that you need to stop doing

10 reasons Android can no longer be ignored

PPA Digital Awards 2014

Replica editions are a crime against humanity

How has E ink changed the world?

Review: The New British magazine

Aftonbladet: How one Swedish newspaper is reaching 20% of the country on mobile

20 Years Ago Today: 10 Phrases That No One Would Have Understood

HTML apps are the way forward

Vloggers, books and the stigma of digital media

How your brand can deal with negative Facebook comments

Adobe highlights potential for excellence in digital advertising

How can digital publishing work for your business?

Top digital publishing TED talks

Reinventing your membership magazine for the digital age

Our 6 social media predictions for the future

Digital Publishing: Your future social hub

Top 7 social media blogs you should be following

Crowdsourcing - the future of publishing?

Meet Ello. Or is it goodbye? The new anti-facebook

Review: Tesco Wine Magazine

Art and digital publishing come together using augmented reality - Jeff Koons X Garage mag

Facebook research: The 100 most influential books of all time

IKEA's bookbook™ and the anti-digital movement

Augmented reality and publishing

Top 6 Digital Publishing infographics

Digital Revolution at the Barbican

5 things social media marketers can learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge

Improve the organic reach of your Facebook Page

Innovation, interactivity and customisation: the future of digital publishing

5 real digital ideas that sci-fi thought of first

The publishing loop

Digital Innovation meetup

Continuous scroll – the new way to keep your digital readers?

Mega-phones: the impact of growing screen sizes on Digital Publishing

Gamebooks: Print vs. digital

Unmissable Digital Publishing Events this Autumn

How libraries can adapt and incorporate digital publishing

The lie about twitter and digital publishing

10 signs that you're a digital addict

Digital publishing: Is the purpose of digital to mimic print?

Amazon launches unlimited e-book subscription service

What digital publishing can learn from Game of Thrones

Digital publishing and wearable tech

Review: Virgin Holidays 'Unleashed'

Digital publishing - Bringing power to indie publishers

PARN 2014

Digital publishing didn’t kill print

Memcom 2014

Client focus - ArtBanc

You’re still only as good as your last story

Are we in a digital publishing recession?

Client focus - The Pharmaceutical Journal

Digital magazine shop opens – but is it a flawed concept?

IHS continues its digital publishing journey with new app

Digital Publishing Revenue

PPA New Talent Awards - digital publishing

Is it all over for the PDF in digital publishing?

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