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The lie about twitter and digital publishing

Posted by Daisy Ware-Jarrett on Aug 4, 2014 11:19:23 AM

Since Twitter's launch in 2006, an influx of moral panic has been circulating in the media in regards to digital publishing and how it's affecting readers attention spans...

There is a general insistence that, because of social networking sites like Twitter and digital publishing's instantaneous nature, the public are less-inclined to read a lengthy piece of text.

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Client focus - The Pharmaceutical Journal

Posted by Esther Kezia Harding on Mar 31, 2014 12:44:36 PM

One of the membership organisations we work with is the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Every week, we turn their two print publications, The Pharmaceutical Journal and Clinical Pharmacist into beautiful digital publishing editions for the Pharmaceutical Journal's app.

PJ's adventure starts here at Page Lizard when we receive the print-ready PDF files from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Using a clever piece of software, we sort and identify the different sections and articles, then upload them to our own special CSS editor as HTML text, transitioning PJ into the world of digital publishing smoothly.

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