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'This is the golden age of publishing' - an evening with Bo Sacks

Posted by Esther Kezia Harding on Aug 26, 2015 2:42:35 PM

Yesterday evening, a group of some of the most influential people in UK publishing braved the temperamental British weather to discuss the publishing industry with Bo Sacks; a publishing and media guru from America.

Bo Sacks has been in publishing since 1970, and lays claim to authoring the longest-running e-newsletter in the world: "Heard on the Web: Media Intelligence". This daily newsletter covers the good, bad and ugly news about the industry, with detailed commentary on statistics and insightful opinion pieces from around the publishing world.

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PPA Tech Talk: Apple News

Posted by Esther Kezia Harding on Jul 6, 2015 10:46:59 AM

Last week, we hosted a Tech Talk at the PPA to discuss the facts and implications of Apple News with publishers.

After presenting what facts we had gathered about Apple News and other media publishing channels like Facebook and Flipboard, we opened the discussion up to publishers to talk about their views on what this could mean for them.

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Selling books on Twitter? Nothing Random about that...

Posted by Andy Clarke on Jul 4, 2015 10:00:23 AM

Twitter have implemented the first instance of a store front, built directly into their user's interface.

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Hillary Clinton's Social Media Slam Dunk

Posted by Kara Godfrey on Apr 14, 2015 9:15:55 AM

She's been First Lady, Secretary of State and U.S. Senator. With a CV that most would be happy to retire with, now Hillary Clinton has her sights set on the presidency.

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Social Publishing: How to integrate digital publishing and social media

Posted by Kara Godfrey on Mar 16, 2015 11:58:59 AM

Call it obvious, but if social media and digital publishing had a baby, it would be called social publishing. So why is it important to integrate Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all the rest with with your digital edition?

It would be very easy for me to throw around (as many do) buzzwords such interactivity, engagement and visibility. Simply increase all those, and you will have yourself a perfect social publishing solution.

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